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The shoulder is a very mobile ball-and-socket joint that is often subject to great instability and dysfunction.

Some of the most common shoulder injuries and conditions are:

  • Muscle strains
  • Muscle imbalance
  • Postural strains
  • Muscle/tendon tears
  • Frozen shoulder/Adhesive Capulitus
  • Shoulder Impingement
  • Cartiledge tears
  • Bursitis, tendonitis and arthritis
  • Rotator Cuff Syndrome


If you are a non-surgical candidate, an experienced massage therapist can help

1. Decrease pain from trigger points

2. Breakup scarred muscle tissue

3. Increase range of motion

4. Encourage proper body movements

5. Promote healing to increase circulation and shorten healing time

6. Relieve stress and strain on muscles and tendons to help prevent further inflammation

Even if you have had shoulder surgery, a massage therapist can help with your recovery. We can be a part of your recovery team which may include your doctor, physical therapist, or athletic trainer.

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